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A second passport with name change

No one chooses his birth place or country and has excepted the terms and conditions of his government whose laws now dictates him what and what not to do. To escape from the tentacles and the fast growing control of big brother, people start looking for a second passport and a second nationality… A second passport and second nationality has for most people become the strategy for a safe and secure protection of their assets. Having a second nationality and being the owner of a second passport with a name change is in itself not illegal. The advantages are lasting and beyond any doubt. The fiscal paradises and offshore havens can’t guarantee you that one day or another they will have to reveal your possessions to a world fiscal authority. A second passport with a name change is a legal procedure and escapes from all controlling watches governments can exercise. A second passport is the best insurance policy for your assets you can ever get.

Politicians and governments curtail daily our personal freedom on all levels, they can track you and your assets with growing ease. More and more people refuse to become the property of any government and start looking for a way out of these shackles by searching for a second nationality. Before getting started, get yourself informed and arm yourself against the pitfalls and dangers of certain second passport programs. A second passport: for whom? Why? Keep your privacy, protect your assets, reduce your taxes, be free to travel All over the internet and in some economic and business magazines and newspapers, you’ll find a lot of organizations and individuals advertising for a second nationality and a second passport. Such a document has indeed many advantages. And keep your cc cards at safe place, because site like  stolen and sale your card.

Anything that’s a threat to a government authority and that favors your personal freedom, is subject to disapproval. There exist many misunderstandings about a second passport and a second nationality. However, it has many advantages. Whatever is said, having a second passport is in itself not illegal, if you have the right one and follow the right procedures. The advantages of a second passport are not restricted to a name change nor do they offer only a great advantage for those in society who for whatever reason feel the need to disappear. A second passport is of unquestionable importance for those who want to protect their assets and keep them out of reach of any government who rather wants to be able to confiscate them. Moreover, it gives the owner complete freedom of traveling and to the economically or politically oppressed it is a life-buoy and the source of salvation. It’s a perfect privacy tool and a means of reducing taxation liabilities.