How to make a Legit Fake ID

How to Make a Legit Fake ID. Instructions and Advices

The increasing number of forged documents is really surprising, and the most interesting fact is that how to make a legit fake ID appears to be a usual question. Identification document means freedom for a certain circle of parties and special occasions, gives possibilities, which are considered to be forbidden because of age or status. There is no wonder that people are trying to figure out how to get fake IDs to improve the night life. So, here are some tips on how to make your own legit fake ID.

ID Making Supplies

First of all, you are to have the necessary material and equipment. Buy Teslin paper, get pouch laminator and a magnetic strip. Don’t forget about the paper and the ink.

Find a template of the ID in the Internet. Edit the template, using Adobe Photoshop. Surely, you can pick Macromedia Fireworks, but Adobe is the program, which is more frequently used. Change the text fields, using the font Arial. In case there is the font that doesn’t come with Windows, search through the Internet, download and install additional ones.

Photo Scanning

Scan the photo and detach it from the background, because it has to flow with your ID. You can change the colors. Choose the eraser tool and clean around the face. Zoom and duplicate the image. After that you can paste it into your ID.

How to make a legit fake ID:Types of Magnetic Stripes

The majority of IDs require magnetic stripes. Usually the stripes are pretty expensive and it is really difficult to get them. They are of two kinds – LoCo and HiCo. The only difference is that HiCo is too difficult to demagnetize. And the encoders are too expensive. The common way of stripe programming is license decoding; you are to edit the data and program it onto the chosen stripe.

What Paper to Choose? How to Laminate?

You choose between two popular kinds of synthetic paper – Artisyn and Teslin. The last one is more expensive. Artisyn works both with laser and inkjet printer, but Teslin gives very good quality results. Use only thermal laminating to bond the pouch to the paper. In case you cannot afford lamination, use home iron. The procedure is tricky, because the iron can be too hot and the plastic will melt, besides the loaded water can damage the ink.

So, when you can’t buy a fake document, learn from our tips and be sure that how to make a legit fake ID won’t become a problem, which is too difficult to solve.

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